Gavin DeGraw "A charismatic, vibrant young artist"

Gavin DeGraw is a talent, who in just a few short years has become one of today’s premier singer-songwriters. He’s done it the old-fashioned way, on the merits of his creative abilities, perseverance and a healthy, homegrown perspective, establishing himself as a magnetic, new voice in music. Now, Gavin DeGraw adds a new chapter to his celebrated narrative with the release of his second studio album, the self-titled, Gavin DeGraw.
DeGraw broke through in 2003, with the release of his debut album, Chariot, which awakened music fans across the country to a charismatic, vibrant young artist who connected with audiences in a way other contemporary musicians did not. Selling over a million copies and earning platinum certification, Chariot yielded three hit singles – “I Don’t Want To Be,” “Follow Through,” and the title-track, “Chariot.” But it wasn’t just the numbers that confirmed DeGraw’s popularity. The song, “I Don’t Want To Be,” was chosen as the theme song for the hit TV show, “One Tree Hill.” DeGraw made numerous appearances on television shows like The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Live with Regis & Kelly, Last Call with Carson Daly, and others. His songs have often been sung on “American Idol.” DeGraw has toured tirelessly, selling out to bigger and bigger audiences every time around.

One of the Most popular track and video...."I don't need to be"

Another Rocky number....

He says..“My first main love of music was classic rock, and that’s always remained my foundation,” explains DeGraw, who trained at the Berklee School of Music, before leaving to pursue his music career. “I felt like I had satisfied a lot of the sweeter stuff on my first record, and I want the Yin and Yang of it. I wanted to put a little more edge on it this time. You don’t want to always be pigeon-holed as the ‘sweet and nice’ guy singing ‘sweet and nice’ songs.”
Gavin DeGraw may have more of a rock flavor but it isn’t a hard-rock album. It still reflects DeGraw’s musical ability to photograph feelings and emotions and deliver it poetically to his audience. Part of DeGraw’s appeal is the way he submits to those emotions in his songwriting, and it’s one of the reasons why fans love him: his music is the soundtrack to their lives. “I’m so appreciative of the way my fans are with me,” he says. “It’s funny because when I used to play in bars when I was younger, it would bug me sometimes if people would sing along. Then I thought to myself, ‘What?!?’ That’s when you know they appreciate what you’re doing so much, they’re willing to sacrifice their own self-consciousness to be in it with you. That’s a great thing.”
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Latest official video of song "Cheated on me" from his latest album.

Awards and nominations
Billboard Music Award nomination for Top Soundtrack Single of the Year ("I Don't Want to Be")
Radio Music Award nomination for Song of the Year/Mainstream Top 40 Radio ("I Don't Want to Be")

My review:
Guys!! this is fantastic singer !!! Amazing style, voice, lyrics, Compositions..everything is perfect....It is a mixture of classic rock and i really enjoyed it. You will never get tired of listening it again n again. All album songs are superb!!! I give 5 stars to this awesome singer!!!


Nidhi said…
It is really awesome..
Keep up the good job guys..
Loved it

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