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Refreshing MADHURANI...Malika-E-Ghazal

I have no words to write about this living legend but why I am writing about her because her music is divulged in the roots of my musical mind. Seeing the current musicians and the listeners, I am really sad and forced to remind them these kind of golden singers. She is still followed by only those people who are very good listeners and great musicians.

I still remember that in early 90's my uncle, A Great Musicologist, late Pt. R. C. Bhatt (Ex-Deputy Director General-AIR) introduced me to this great artist’s music. He was gifted few cassettes of her ghazal album "INTEZAAR" by Madhurani ji herself. One day seeing my great passion for ghazals, uncle gave me the cassette to listen it. My uncle was big fan of her singing and used to say “MADHURANI JI’ S MUSIC IS AN ADDICTION TO A GOOD LISTENER OF GHAZALS.” After listening her first time, I was totally lost in her singing and became a huge fan of her. Seriously she is incomparable.

Madhurani ji is truly a living legend and kno…