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Swapna Sundari….A Young South Indian Classical Music Diva

It's my privilege to write about such a wonderful and soulful artist Swapna Sundari. However I am not very regular on my blog but sometimes when you find something very unusual and unique music and musicians which directly touch your heart then you can't stop your emotions and views to express for it.

Last year, I was really blessed to get in touch with great and genius musician "Pranam Kamlakar Ji" and through him only I came to know about this fairly talented artist Swapna Sundari Ji. I heard Kamlakar Ji's new album "Bhavayami" teasers in Nov-Dec 2013 and I was totally in love with it's complete music and singer. Since then I had been waiting for it's release and eventually my wait was over on 24th January 2014 when album "Bhavayami" was launched by esteemed legends Suseelamma and S.P Balasubramanium Ji. Today I received "Bhavyami" CD, sent by Swapna Ji herself.

After listening the complete "Bhavayami" album, I a…