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Shrey Singhal!!...Next Atif Aslam In Making!!

I was browsing something on youtube and found this guy Shrey Singhal randomly. When I listened this guy then I couldn't believe that this was his voice because his voice was 95% matching with Atif Aslam's voice.
Although I never appreciate the copy of anything yet I liked this guy's work because he is too young and being a fan of Atif he is making his effort in his own ways. I don't have much information about him but this guy is from Faridabad city and gradually creating magical waves through his work at this young age.

Every singer has some influence of  their senior singers in their singing career initially like Moh. Rafi and Mukesh used to sing like Talat Mehmood in his starting career and gradually they made
their own style.

Atif Aslam has a huge fan following of people in India-pak and definitely this guy could take advantage of this. Two of his songs video are quite popular on Youtube and people are discussing, appreciating and criticizing  his voice. Few of ha…