"Li-Sa-X" An 8 Years Old Japanese Child Prodigy Guitarist (Unbelievable!!!)

Around 6 years back in 2009, I found korean child prodigy artist Sungha Jung. I made a post about him here on Sangeet Chaopal and never thought that I would find such quality of rare talent again…But I was wrong, Today I felt completely blown away to see an 8 years amazingly talented, a child prodigy, a cute girl,  "Li-Sa-X" who astonished me by her unbelievable guitar playing in such a young age!! My God!!! Nothing is left to say about such kind of incredible god gifted talents.

Firstly See This Video:
Li-sa-x shredding Racer X song "Scarified." The track originally appeared on Racer X's 1987 album,Second Heat, and was written by Gilbert and Scott Travis.

Guthrie Govan "Fives" Cover

When she was 7 year old:

The Curse of Castle Dragon Cover:

Recently She appeared on GuitarWorld.com when she covered Guthrie Govan's "Fives."

Very soon she would be also very popular and star like Sungha Jung for sure!!! Her Future is very bright and shining!! God Bless Li-Sa-X!!! 


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