"Shafqat Salamat Ali Khan" A Phenomenal Artist of Indian Classical, Ghazal and Sufi Music!!....A Great Musician!!

The Ali Khan family represents a 500 year lineage of musicians of the Shamcharasi Gharana, descendants of two famed court musicians to the artistically-devoted Akbar the Great: Chand Khan and Suraj Khan. Chand Khan used to sing morning ragas to this most famous Indian ruler of the Moghul Age of the India empire. Now Salamat a legendary vocalist throughout the Indian subcontinent, is joined by his two sons for these ragas of blessings, invocations, romantic and sad moods. Michos plays guitars, synthesizers, percussion and samples, with additional Santur, violin, piano, wind chimes, harmonium, and even Stephen Kent on didgeridoo and Alan Kushan on Santur.

 Ustad Salamat Ali Khan (Born in 1934 in the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab), father of an entire family of vocalist-musicians, performed (at the age of nine), with his brother Nazakat Ali Khan, as the famed Ali Brothers. They were internationally renowned as superstars in the 60's and 70's for their immense talent and artistry in the classical form. Now the next generation is becoming increasingly recognized for their great talents. The children are Sharafat Ali Khan, Shafqat Ali Khan, Sukhawat Ali Khan and Riffat Salamat.

Shafqat Ali Khan (Born June 17, 1972 Lahore Pakistan) belongs to the Sham Churasi school from East Punjab. This school of music has a long tradition that dates to the Mughul times of Emperor Akbar. This school was established by the two brothers Chand Khan and Suraj Khan. His uncle Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan and father Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, the internationally acclaimed classical singers, from the 10th generation of the Sham Churasi school.
Check out the live performance.."Mai Mera Ranjha kyun nahi aya"...Superb Performance!!

"Kis tarah ayega quarar mujhe" Soulful rendition of ghazal...amazing!!
Shafqat began performing at the age of seven. His first performance was at the Lahore Music Festival in 1979. Shafqat has performed throughout Europe with several important concerts in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, and Switzerland Geneva Festival. He is a well established performer throughout India, Pakistan, and Bangla Desh. He has performed as well throughout Canada and the United States with some key performances at the Smithsonian Institute in the 1988 and 1996, and for the World Music Institute at the New York's Metropolitan Museum in 1988 and Merkin Concert Hall in 1991.

Taaron bhari hai rat.......Beautiful composition and phenomenal performance hat's off to this great guy!!
Shafqat in the recipient of a number of awards, in 1986 in Lahore he received the Amir Khusro Award as the best young classical singer. In 1987, he received the Gold Medal from Faislabad University, Pakistan. In 1995 he received the Ghanda Award from New Deli University. He has appeared on recordings from Nimbus(UK), EMI(India), HMV(UK), WaterLily Acoustics(USA), Westron(India), MegaSound(India), Keytune Productiona(Holland), Plus Music(India) (forthcoming), and Folk Heritage(Pakistan).

"Wo Sanam Humse Ashina kum" beautiful ghazal by shafqat sahab

Live at BBC Urdu.."Saiyaan bina Ghar Soona"
Few years back, There was one album came callled "Kamli Hoi" in india which became very popular in punjab..specially the two numbers..."Kamli hoi" and "Mai mera ranjha kyun nahi aya". He was approached by music director Anand Raj Anand  and recorded two songs for bollywood film "Dus Kahanniyan" which became massive hit..1. Kala peela and 2. Vichodiya ne both the songs were composed by Shafqat shahab.

You can listen "Kamli hoi" album from the below mentioned link...
For Dus Kahaniyan" Songs...

I am a big fan of him. He is truly the genius, inborn master and the only person who is preserving the indian classical music tradition in pakistan. I really love his style of singing and the in-depth magical presentation which are incredible and unbeatable! He is above all the ratings..hat's off to Shafqat Salamat Sahab....God bless him always!


Anurag said…
son of my fav singer Ustad Salamat Ali, he is one of the better contemporary singers. His ‘saiyyaan bina ghar soona’ and ‘khamaaj’ are my favourites
ameeta parsuram said…
iPhenomenal...he is...Feel blessed that he has sung a few Ghazals penned by me in an album Kahun Aur Kya (Universal Music)...His compositions and rendition have added an amazing dimension to my poetry!

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