Northeast Indian MIZO ROCK BANDS....TRUELY AMAZING!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

I am really surprised and got goose bumps after listening the Mizo Rock bands...heyy Guyss they are truely amazing!! Why we go outside of india in neighbouring countries to find the talent and promote in our country while we have great talent and potential in india itself....First we need to promote these hidden talents...nobody knows about it in North-West-South in india. I was just stunned and speechless after hearning and watching the compositions, lyrics, songs, Quality, sound....everyting is supererb ....They are doing a gr8 job. I am really happy to find this music talent but also disppointed that they guys are performing and broadcasted in their state and TV channels only.They have such kind of caliber and quality as they could compete even beat other country rock music. First listen and watch all the music videos which i am going to share with you all...Though there are lots of good bands are forming there but here i am introducing the few best ones...and i am sure u will be surprised and like them......and please promte them on your level........ROCK music in india is still alive by North East Indians....I am really proud of Mizorum to be part of india!! Lets cheer for them.....Check it out!!!!!

VEry very nice....Latest Video Released by BOOMARANG- Steller-Mizo

The Scavenger Project mizo 'Signs' (Awesome!!-ULTIMATE!!!)

Myth of fate-paradise

All that you are -Ninth Side

Chris - True Color - Mizo (Very close to Bryn Adams.....Very very nice!!!)

Take away by Drop Doubt!!Awesome singing and composition!!....
Embeddiing is disabled so giving you the link...for youtube......

Another very creative and gr88 video by 9th side..."Blow"

Arms Of Silence-Like light to flies (Indian rock band)

Please share this blog link to all good music listeners....and don't forget to comment over it :) enjoy!!!!1


illusionaire said…
They truly are amazing, but of course the one problem is not the North-east or Mizo factor. Its the style of music which is not very popular with mainstream Indian music.

Another Mizo dominated band IIIrd sovereign based in Delhi is famous all over India among the death-Metal scene, but only death-Metal lovers appreciate their music, which is a very small percentage.

I know many non-Mizos who worship these Mizo bands and all the people at RSJ know about them too, but unfortunately the style of music does not appeal to the rest of India. Hence organizers will suffer a loss if they promote them. Even other Indian rock bands like Parikrama etc aren't doing well compared to mainstream Indian pop music and bollywood music scene :-( Watch Mtv, channel V etc and tell me how many times do you see Parikrama, Themclones, Tripwire etc come on? :-(
Adesh Bhatt said…
Thanks kima!! I am really impressed by ur points!! it's really very true. But I feel totally disapponted when i see the duffers on the big platforms getting praise and highlighted while these talents who are far far better, are still not recognised. You see ROCK ON" music it nothing before these mizo guys rock!!..Still people are not aware of these talents.....and you are absoultely right that our music channels never promote these's too pathetic that they only broadcast filmy bollywood music...and pakistanis are coming they are making money..why not our indians!!!.many listenrs who wach TV only are connected to internet..they are aware of the pakistani rock music but not about the indians.....bollywood music sucks all genre music...but through this kind of blogs my motto is to promote this kind of talent which truely deserve the recognisation.....i appreciate and wish good luck to Mizo guys for their bright futre and would like to see them in indian national or international level platform....if they would come to mumbai then Pritam kind of musical theif could be kicked off........i will wait for that day!!!!
Rina said…
Hello Adesh,
Im a member of a really2 young Band'Myth of Fate'....and your site really interest many north east people, especially the Mizo's,and I definitely liked your polls and what you thought about the north east bands. I share what you think about the bands and supported you. Keep it up...and please watch out 4 our newest videos'This world will not stop me'. TC.

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