There is new rock sensation brought by the Indian band called AVIAL. The band Avial is from a small town in Kerala but its members are professional musicians who have played in various bands in India and have done tours around the world independently. They came together to create music which does justice to the word Mallu Rock!Anandraj Benjamin Paul -- VocalsTony John -- Vocals, Turntables and SynthRex Vijayan -- Guitars and SynthNaresh Kamath -- BassMithun Puthanveetil -- Drums Check out their official myspace website for  band biography, and some more awesome songs from their upcoming album! official website is still under construction: record label is Phat Phish Records:

Though I am not Malayali and havn't got the meaning of lyrics yet language is not so necessary thing to judge a good music. Composition is so rocking and giving the real rock feel...i really enjoyed....sharing video for u guyss..I am sure if u like rock then definitely you will enjoy it....CHEERS!!!


Vinay Anand said…
Now, that is what you transcending all borders...keep us posted on this band and many other such bands...

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